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To encourage you to reconsider what it means to BE.

What's up! My name is Matt Manas, and I am the founder of BE. I first got the idea to start this unique clothing line by stumbling across a quote from Leo Tolstoy: "If you want to be happy, be." This stuck with me. I wanted to create clothing with a message and a purpose, so I did!


BE. is a meaningful clothing line. The whole purpose is to encourage the thought that you really can be anything in this life if you set your mind to it. The T-shirts have powerful sayings such as "BE. Different, BE. Strong, and BE. United" to name a few. Come join us and BE a part of this lifestyle!

Matt Manas

President and CEO. When Matt is not working, he enjoys going out with friends, skiing some Colorado backcountry, and taking photos of awesome things. 

Brandon Lewis

Vice President. Brandon has a passion for snowmobiling and wakeboarding. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends. 

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